Top Payment Systems Around the Globe: A Comparative Analysis

In one of our previous stories, as you might remember, we engaged with Growth of India’s UPI outshines the top P2P and P2M systems globally. You might recall that in the course of our research, we found that among the top 10 FinTech apps (by downloads) globally in 2018, were three UPI-based apps – Google Pay, PhonePe and BHIM. In that same story, we also uncovered that UPI grew 65.4% q-o-q over the last 9 quarters.

We made you, our readers, a promise that we would compare the world’s top P2P/P2M systems based on the first three years of their inception. So, in today’s story, we’ve taken our previous findings (transactional values of the last 9 quarters) and compared the top P2P/P2M systems based on the first 12 quarters of their inception.

Our Findings

  • In the initial ye ...
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