1.5 Billion People Around the World Cannot Prove Their Identity

World Bank’s 2016 ID for Development (ID4D) report revealed that approximately 1.5 billion people around the world (over 21% of the world’s population!) cannot prove their identity. The majority of these people live in Asia and Africa and are cut off from accessing basic services and rights.

The presented data suggests that less than half of all adults in the poorest 40% of households have a bank account and ~375 million unbanked adults in developing countries (18%) are constrained by not having the necessary ID documentation.

For over a fifth of the world’s population, the inability to prove their identity means the inability to access financial services, the inability to go to school and receive education, the inability to access health and social welfare benefits among other hardships. Moreover, as the study emphasizes, these people are disenfranchised and unable to have their say in their country’s electoral process. Therefore, the recognition and authentication of an individual’s identity, together with associated rights, is becoming a priority for governments around the world and is included as a

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