10 Amazing Unconventional Commerce APIs

Typical commerce web services like customer information, merchandising systems, order history, search tools, product catalogs, etc. can be exposed to different consumer touch points, connecting through the application programming interface or APIs. These APIs provide a means of exposing core content and commerce functions in a programmatic way, over the Internet, for use either internally or by exposing to third parties. There are some differentiating APIs in this space that are helping companies using them offer the next level of customer experience. Here is a list of some amazing APIs that illustrate the leading edge of innovation in this fashion:


SwiftIQ provides web-service application programming interface (API) infrastructure to facilitate data accessibility with adaptive, machine learning predictions. The company not only provides APIs for predictive and big data analytics but recently released the Daypart API for retail. The SwiftIQ Daypart API allows large-volume retailers to a ...

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