10 Banking Concepts that Turn an iPad into a Branch

The idea of heading to your nearby branch for banking services is becoming a thing of the past. With large scale digitization and wide scale presence of mobility, banks are changing the way customers can access banking services. Now you can have the option of fulfilling all your banking needs right on your iPad. Banks are coming up with new concepts every day to replace their old brick-and-mortar physical branches. Here are some banks and other firms bringing us the next generation of banking:


Barclays is poised to equip its army of Community Bankers with iPads capable of performing banking operations that were previously confined to bricks and mortar branches. The new initiative is currently being trialled with 50 Community Bankers and specialists, including mortgage, premier and business advisors across major cities. The service will be rolled out to all equipped Barclays Bank iPads nationally by the middle of 2015. The plan is to enable Com ...

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