10 Best Marketing Campaigns and Stunts From the FinTech Industry

FinTech is not all about technology; it is mainly about an innovative approach which can be applied not only to managing finances but also to marketing as well. We are used to seeing innovative marketing ideas from a variety of sectors but financial. Well, FinTech changes the game even there by demonstrating imagination in creating an appeal. We picked some of the most interesting marketing moves from FinTech companies to prove that FinTech is also about fun.

Money 20/20 caricatures

The recently resumed Money20/20 conference again proved to be a hub for innovations & opportunities. It is also a stunning example of how innovative marketing ideas can be applied in FinTech. I am sure you have noticed those interesting profile pictures caricatures of the industry’s influencers. If you were wondering where they come from, you now know the answer. Money20/20 was the first to create this campaign and it was hugely successful. The campaign provided a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at industry leaders. As the conference’s bloggers had shared, creating caricatures was not the safe choice, but it helped create a common visual language within the Money20/20 community; the caricatures led to outstanding results. LTP CEO and Co-founder Aditya Khurjekar was one of the founders of Money20/20 and had participated in the creation of this memorable feature that outlives the three-day conference.

Image source: Money20/20

Another example of creativity at Money20/20 was the cover of the conference’s brochure. LTP founders Aditya Khurjekar and Amit Goel attended Money20/20 and brought this piece of inspiration for marketers:

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