10 companies that are already using BLE Beacons Technology

A $10 device is attracting a great deal of attention.

Currently designed and engineered in various shapes and sizes by hundreds of suppliers (even startups) and tech companies and that are based on Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart, iBeacons are being used at 10 national retailers.

In this article I will try to analyze 10 companies who have implemented the beacons technology in their companies:-

1. American Eagle Outfitter - The merchant worked with Shopkick to deploy its shopBeacon technology across the 100 American Eagle Outfitter locations. Shopkick deployed the first Beacon/BLE-based presence signal at AEO on November 20, 2013. When the device with a Shopkick application installed comes within range, the signal effectively wakes up the application and passes along a unique identifier. The application can decode this identifier and complete a corresponding action — for ...

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