10 companies using NFC for offering advertising and marketing campaigns to clients

NFC has been popularly known as a mobile payments technology. But what if NFC can be used much more than that? How about advertising and media campaigns?

The proximity technology allows NFC capable smartphone users to simply tap and avail an array of services. The following companies show that NFC has a much broader scope in the world of advertising and marketing campaigns:

1. Astral

Astral is one of Canada’s leading out-of-home advertising companies. The company leverages use of NFC in posters and digital signboards. Astral has created NFC campaigns focused more towards street-level marketing campaigns.

Case – Best New Product Awards Conference: Astral worked in collaboration with Newad, another NFC based campaign maker. As part of the campaign, NFC posters were put up on transit shelters. Attendees of the conference were able to tap on the posters to gain access to prize winning contests.

2. Blue Bite

Blue Bite is a mobile-marketing solutions provider which focuses on targeted, location based approach to reach consumers on their mobile devices. The company creates interactive two-way engagement for consumers by enabling them to access digital media via mobile phone. It offers mTAG solutions which leverages different mobile technologies including NFC to provide marketing solutions.

Case – Samsung Galaxy S3: Samsung used mTAG solution to promote the launch of NFC enabled Galaxy S3 smartphone. As part of the campaign, NFC enabled posters were put up across shopping malls, airports, college campuses, bus stops, kiosks, etc. The advertising message on these posters prompted new Galaxy S3 users to download free content by simply tapping their phone at mTAG point on the poster.

3. Bridget

Founded in 2012, Bridget provides various platforms for leveraging NFC in marketing campaigns. The company provides connectivity and management of passive as well as embedded NFC enabled tags. It also provides CMS solution as well as templates to create customized communications. Other services include white label APIs to integrate third party software and cloud-based analytics for campaign management.

Case – Alimentarium Detox: The France based organization used Bridget’s NFC tags for its exhibition entitled ‘Detox’. Attendees at the exhibition were able to use their NFC enabled smartphones to gain information on the displayed items.

4. Clear Channel Outdoors (COO)

CCO recently launched ‘Connect’, an out-of-home mobile interactive advertising platform. With Connect, the company plans to turn its accessible sites across the globe into mobile launch pads, enabling consumers to access interactive content from advertisers via NFC smartphones. The company plans to equip 75,000 outdoor sites with Connect tags enabled for NFC and other mobile technologies. The Connect tags will be permanently attached to digital or static advertising panels at bus shelters, shopping malls, airports and other points-of-sale. Consumers can simply tap their NFC enabled smartphone over Connect’s NFC tags to open gateway to online brand experience.

With Connect, we offer advertisers easier and more nimble access to mobile-interactive campaigns as they no longer need to spend time creating NFC tags or QR codes. Via our preinstalled tags, we seamlessly direct consumers to advertisers’ mobile optimized content. says Suzanne Grimes, President and Chief Operating Officer, Clear Channel Outdoor – North America. The connect platform has already been launched in Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Singapore.

5. Newad

Newad provides a number of indoor marketing solutions using different products across varied networks. It leverages the use of NFC by using poster ads combined with NFC tags to deliver engaging content directly to consumers. The content could be in the form of contests, games, mobile commerce, rich media content, social networking, special offers and more. The company mostly targets its network of RestoBars, sport events and campuses to deploy NFC posters.

Case – Best New Product Awards (BNPA): Poster ads were put across college & university campuses. The ads invited students to Tap to Win a $500 prize pack filled with 2012 winning products from the BNPAs. The campaign had generated a 68% conversion rate with two-third of those who interacted with the poster actually completed the contest entry.

6. Proxama

Proxama’s ‘TapPoint for Marketing’ services enables retailers, brands and agencies to deploy mobile proximity marketing campaigns using NFC and other mobile technologies. TapPoint is used to deliver the marketing campaigns in different forms such as:

  • Voucher collection and redemption
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Video and audio donwloads
  • Product information
  • Competitors
  • Gamification
  • Application downloads
  • Service information

Case – BlackBerry’s Experience Worldwide: the objective of the campaign was to provide incentives to current BlackBerry users to make them switch to new NFC enabled BlackBerry 10 handsets. Proxama’s marketing platform TapPoint powered the Experience Worldwide campaign. It enabled delivery of interactive rewards game enabling customers to directly interact with the handsets and integrate consumer education on NFC. Also, promotional staff at different sites invited consumers to win BlackBerry branded products by tapping NFC enabled BlackBerry phones on NFC posters.

7. Tamoco

The London based firm provides proximity marketing and analytical services. Tamoco uses NFC to create marketing campaigns by providing NFC tags programmed with the relevant content. It also provides a platform to be used along with NFC applications. The platform provides real time data on marketing campaign and gives insights on how consumers are engaging with the content.

Case – Tribeca Film Festival: Tamoco had launched a four-day marketing campaign for the festival held this year. The campaign enabled fans, seeking free passes, to simply tap onto the promotional posters with their NFC enabled tablet or smartphone. The campaign led to posters being tapped around 8195 times with 1156 unique devices. There were security attributes available which helped in detecting the uniqueness of the tap.

8. Tappinn

Tappinn is a complete mobile marketing platform which combines content creation tools with delivery mediums such as NFC tags. Its solutions include analytics and mobile CRM features. The company uses web content customized to mobile devices and encourages 2-way interactivity. It targets physical touch-points like print advertising, in-store signage and retail product displays.

Case – Partners Health: As part of a program, Tappinn worked with Partners Health to promote healthcare services to their patients using NFC. Patients were provided with NFC cards as a one-stop shop to enable them to learn more about general health care, specific diseases and conditions. The NFC cards were made available to all participants of the program. Users could simply tap the cards to gain access to Partners Health website.

9. Tapit

Tapit is a global technology platform which leverages NFC to allow its clients to create and deliver content across a range of Tapit enabled infrastructure. Physical based infrastructure includes Outdoor Media, Retail Fridges, Product Packaging, Point of Sale materials and other forms objects that users can ‘tapify’ using their NFC enabled phones. Tapit’s ability to convert these objects into content delivery networks enables the company to offer advertising and marketing solutions. Tapit is able to provide an integrated mobile advertising platform to facilitate clients to monetize their mobile users.

Case – Google Music: Google wanted to promote the launch of its Google Music service. The aim behind the campaign was to provide a way for consumers to experience the service using outdoor media sites. Tapit’s NFC platform was deployed across sites including transit bus seats and transit train seats. Comsumers were able to enhance their commuting journey by accessing Google Music service right on their smartphones.

10. Thinaire

Thinaire’s major offering is Mobile Engagement 360 (ME360), a radio frequency (RF) program, designed to integrate mobile/wireless technologies. Under the program, Thinaire provides a core solution called Thinaire Mobile Connect which uses NFC to engage customers on mobile devices. It transforms products, objects and media into unique touchpoints for distribution of content or connection with commerce channels. Thinaire also uses the TAPP STORE wireless commerce system (TSWCS) to implement point-of-advertising mCommerce. It is used to transform different kinds of media into revenue generating channels where customers can connect with brands.

Case – Kraft Grocery Program: Thinaire deployed NFC enabled ‘Shelftalks’ in order to promote Kraft products at retail outlets. It enabled customers to tap at NFC points on shelf space to get interactive content in form of recipes on Kraft products. The result of the campaign was that the customer engagement at the shelf increased from 5-10 seconds to 48 seconds. It was also observed that one-third of shoppers who tapped the shelf actually downloaded or shared the content.