10 companies using NFC for offering advertising and marketing campaigns to clients

NFC has been popularly known as a mobile payments technology. But what if NFC can be used much more than that? How about advertising and media campaigns?

The proximity technology allows NFC capable smartphone users to simply tap and avail an array of services. The following companies show that NFC has a much broader scope in the world of advertising and marketing campaigns:

1. Astral

Astral is one of Canada’s leading out-of-home advertising companies. The company leverages use of NFC in posters and digital signboards. Astral has created NFC campaigns focused more towards street-level marketing campaigns.

Case – Best New Product Awards Conference: Astral worked in collaboration with Newad, another NFC based campaign maker. As part of the campaign, NFC posters were put up on transit shelters. Attendees of the conference were able to tap on the posters to gain access to prize winning contests.

2. Blue Bite

Blue Bite is a mobile-marketing solutions provider which focuses on targeted, location based approach to reach consumers on their mobile devices. The company creates interactive two-way engagement for consumers by ...

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