10 FinTech Predictions for Asia in 2017

In 2016, FinTech went mainstream. So what can we expect for 2017?

Here are some predictions for FinTech in Asia for 2017:

1. Forget the unicorns… Watch out for the Chinese dragons instead!

China is the global leader in many aspects of B2C FinTech, with firms such as Tencent and Lufax deploying innovative ways to deliver financial services to millions of customers. For example, Ant Financial’s money market fund, Yu’e Bao, is now the third-largest money market fund in the world and ZhongAn’s online insurance offering has more than 350 million customers. However, very few outside of China are aware of these firms and appreciate how advanced their offerings are compared to their peers in the West.

Perhaps 2017 will be the year when China’s role in FinTech innovation finally gets the respect and attention it deserves on the global level?

2. RegTech, RegTech and RegTech

Since the global financial crisis, ...

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