Over 100,000 Customers Signed Up to obtain Guaranteed Goods via Ingo Money

Ingo Money formerly known as Chexar Networks, is a leader in check decisioning and guaranteed funding for any type and size of check. On 28th May 2014, the company announced that over 100,000 consumers had enrolled for Ingo Money - its consumer direct, mobile account funding network that enables users to receive immediate, guaranteed funds from approved checks.

Ingo Money provides recurring, instantaneous, guaranteed funds technologies for financial institutions and prepaid card providers. The company has provided these services for over 12 years in company owned locations and now at thousands of bank and has solutions deployed in almost 5,000 bank and AFS locations, almost 1,000 ATMs , Kiosk locations and mobile devices around the nation. Some of the largest banks and non-bank financial services companies in the country rely on Ing ...

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