11 Companies competing in the global mPOS market

Lot of small merchants, and even mid-sized ones are looking for mPOS systems because of the cost effectiveness, functionality, and easy implementation. What was started by Square is growing into a big opportunity. We all know about the big players. Here we cover a set of relatively new companies that are offering POS solutions based on various concepts. Following is the list of 11 companies that offer mPOS globally:

1. Loop:

Loop, a Boston based startup claim to have found a solution to the NFC (not there) problem with a new MST technology. On 8th October 2013, Loop announced the introduction of a new payment enabling technology. It offers a multiple enabling tech mPOS and also a mobile wallet. Biggest strength is acceptability across a large number of retailers. It consists of a smartphone app using magnetic field technology to enable customers to make payments in-store. Loop is led by mobile commerce pioneer Will Graylin and George Wallner.

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