11 Epic Outcomes of China's Singles Day Event

November marks the commencement of holiday shopping around the globe. E-shoppers in China kicked off the season with record breaking numbers. Here is an instant replay of 11 epic outcomes of China’s Singles Day event.

1. The Midnight Madness

Eager shoppers were ready at the stroke of midnight; e-shoppers were fueled by the desire to shop against the clock. In just minutes, was on track to exceed its Singles Day totals from years past. Two minutes into the event, their 2010 full-day total was hit; thirteen minutes later, their 2011 full-day total was toppled. Alibaba was making millions by the minute with no time to spare. After 18 minutes, Alibaba exceeded 100 million RMB (approximately $15.72 million USD); 18 minutes later, hit their full-day total for 2012.

At 4:54 AM surpassed their total number of orders on Singles Day 2013 and then topped its total order for 2014 by noon. At the conclusion of the first hour, shopping continued increasing at a pace the rest of the world could only imagine. Singles Day 2015 was filled with staggering time-stamped transactions:

2. Alibaba’s Morning Milestones

00:01:12 AM Beijing Time: Total GMV exceeds 1 billion RMB (approximately $157.2 million USD)

00:12:28 AM: Total GMV exceeds 10 billion RM ...

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