12 Cloud and SaaS based Core Technology providers in the Payments space

SaaS and cloud-driven platforms are bringing new online account opening, mobile banking, personal financial management, bill payment and loan origination products to banks. Cloud computing technology has started providing smart and efficient solutions to accounting professionals by providing subscription based Accounting and Tax software using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model. I believe Cloud/Saas have had the biggest impact on Payments innovation in the last 3-4 years and will continue to do so in the next many years. There are a bunch of companies doing some amazing work in this area. Some of them have been discussed here:


Founded in 1999, Yodlee powers innovative online and mobile financial solutions used by more than 50 Million consumers through more than 750 financial institutions and Internet services companies worldwide. Yodlee says that its personal financial management, payments, and customer acquisition solutions unify all personal financial account information to deliver a simple, centralized and secure source for consumers to manage all of their financial tasks anytime, anywhere.

Yodlee provides transaction data and account aggregation tools banks can use to personalize customers’ online investment and budget advice. In addition, Yodlee develops cloud-based services that banks can offer their customers to help with tax preparation and credit-history tracking. The Yodlee Platform extends personal financial management to full payments and money movement, opening up a wealth of new interactions that generate more profitable and satisfied consumers; all in a modular, SaaS based deployment model.

Yodlee's patented data, payments and risk management utility supports more than 12,500 account sources and over 100,000 different account types. More than 750 FI and Internet services companies today offer Yodlee-powered solutions to millions of customers worldwide.


FIS offers a comprehensive set of services for software vendors who are offering their product solutions as a service. The company combinies the expertise and experience in providing ASP offerings for more than 40 years. FIS also says that in application development, their company i ...

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