12 Incubators that Early Stage FinTech Startups Can Consider

Earlier this week we looked at some of the accelerator programs that are focused on the FinTech space. We have now come up with a list of incubators around the world that are helping entrepreneurs to build their business. Because of the tremendous amount of startup activity, there seems to be some overlap between accelerators and incubators. Some people use the term incubator and accelerator interchangeably and that is not right. There are differences in the way these two are operated. For e.g., an accelerator typically selects a startup (or a bunch of startups) and works closely with them for a defined period of time (about 8 weeks to 4-5 months), while an incubator doesn't work like that most of the times. However, due to the optimism and increase in the number of entrepreneurial ventures that are being rolled out, some incubators are now changing that norm and are holding a cut-off point or a review point anywhere between 6 months to 1 year where they check the progress of the project and decide on providing further support.

According to Forbes, an incubator is physically locating your busines ...

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