12 Senior Executive Moves in Payments Recently

Ongoing developments in the payments industry are not only attributed to technologies and new systems but are also directly linked to talent. The innovations coming from any organization can be tied directly or indirectly to the decisions that senior executives make. Keeping that in mind, we keep a check on the talent movements within the payments industry. Here are some notable mentions from recent executive changes:

People Leaving/Joining Upstarts

Aron Schwarzkopf departed as CEO from Leaf

Aron was the founder of the mobile payments upstart Leaf and officially stepped down from the board in May last year. Leaf is the first mobile payments platform to take an agnostic approach to payment acceptance, allowing small business owners to choose the payment providers that best fit their needs. It was first to open its technology platform to third party developers, enabling them to create applications that address the myriad challenges that different small businesses face.

Paul Camp, Ex-JPMorgan Executive, joined Circle Internet Financial

Paul led JPMorgan’s global transaction services business before l ...

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