Over $1252 Mn Spent via Credit, Debit and Prepaid Visa Cards in 2013 by Visitors to Ireland

Tourists to Ireland spent more than $1252 Mn via credit, debit and prepaid Visa cards during 2013, according to a report from Visa Europe. This figure is up 20% from 2012, with Indonesians spending more per transaction than any other nationality, at an average of $236.71.

Some key findings:

  • Visitors from the UK and the US accounted for the bulk of foreign spending in Ireland.
  • However, travellers from countries in Asia and the Middle East had a higher average spend per transaction.
  • After Indonesia, the next highest spenders per transaction were: Singapore ($188.67), followed by Kuwait ($187.61), Hong Kong ($175), Oman ($168.57), Malaysia ($166.75), China ($156.66), Switzerland ($155.88), Saudi Arabia ($145.14) and United Arab Emirates($140.82).
  • The top 10 countries in terms of the overall level of spending with Visa cards were: UK ($617.04 Mn); US ($345.29 Mn); France($75.99 Mn); Canada ($45.90 Mn); Spain ($40.90 Mn); Australia ($36.74); Germany ($33.97 Mn); Norway ($20.66); Italy ($19.76 Mn); and Sweden ($16.22 Mn).

The spike in spending in 2013 clearly illustrates the success of The Gathering initiative in terms of generating a commercial return for the Irish economy, with almost €2.5m spent per day by visitors using their Visa card. The massive rise in spending by US tourists, combined with the increase in spend by Canadian visitors, reflects the fact that record numbers from North America visited in Ireland in 2013, said Visa Europe’s, Ireland country manager, Conor Langford. Clearly there is an opportunity to generate an even bigger boost for the Irish economy by encouraging more visitors from Asia and the Middle East to travel to Ireland due to the higher level of spending by travellers from those countries.