13 AI-Powered Client Engagement Solutions for Wealth Management

Superior customer experience is one of those things every organization wishes to excel in today – this holds greater importance, especially when it comes to managing a customer’s money. Interpersonal relations has always been a key skill in becoming a successful wealth manager, but now, technology is helping service providers to scale-up using tools that can augment customer engagement efforts. Artificial intelligence-powered tools provide greater support in this regard by allowing wealth managers to automate the customer experience through an intuitive conversational interface. These tools can help wealth management players provide customers with 24/7 access to personalized services and information. Unlike a web interface that fails to be of much help in case of grievance or probing questions, AI-powered virtual agents allow customers to engage just as they would directly with humans. This has a huge impact on enhancing customer experience, which ultimately contributes to customer advocacy.

In the last decade, digitization in wealth management has brought customer onboarding, financial planning, ...

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