13 Most Popular LTP Articles by Page Views in 2015

As we are about to say goodbye to 2015 in a few hours, we at LTP are really proud to bring to you, our readers, the best of LTP’s work. We are committed to connecting FinTech and sharing our knowledge with the industry’s participants.

To share our happiness with you, LTP presents this list of the top 13 most popular articles published on LTP in 2015 with regard to page views. (This list is in no particular order.)

What are Banks Doing With Blockchain Technology? [Infographic]

If you are wondering why there is so much buzz around blockchain and what the banks are doing with it, then this is the right place. The financial services industry is at the cusp of a major transformation and the aim is to enable transparent, secure and efficient financial services at lower cost. It’s important to note that apart from startups, many banks have been exploring blockchain in some way or the other. They have set up teams, they are doing experiments, they are investing time and money and they don’t want to be left behind. Banks are looking at utilizing the ledger system to enhance the current processes of various financial services. Read more

41 APIs Making Waves in FinTech

It won’t be wrong to say that APIs are powering some of the FinTech innovation engines. APIs are the answer to the question of how startups are ...

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