13 Startups Making a Difference – Ireland FinTech Landscape

The year 2018 was a good year for FinTech startups in Ireland. The market witnessed increased optimism in the form of increased hiring by FinTech players and plans to raise more funds. In Ireland, RegTech & digital identity, payment & remittances, asset management solutions, and financial software are key categories in terms of the number of FinTech players. Here is a list of 13 startups making a difference in Ireland’s FinTech landscape:

  1. Future Finance was founded in 2013 and has raised $103.1 million in total funding. Future Finance offers student loans to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK within a range of £2,500–£40,000 per academic year. It offers education loans for covering living expenses and tuition fees. It claims to look at factors like the course and the university the student is attending as well as future career and income potential in order to arrive at credit decision. Future Finance works closely with ...

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