$1341 Mn has been invested in just 42 payment startups

VC and Angel funding news are doing regular rounds these days. We hear very often about companies and startups getting funded in mobile wallets, loyalty/gift cards, Soundwave, NFC and related areas. Lets Talk Payments has tracked the funding recieved by 42 most popular payment companies operating in the payments space whose investment data was available. The total investment received by these companies is $1341 Mn.

Total Investment (in $ Mn)

Just the top 18 companies have a total Funding of over $1 Bn. This was of course spread over a few years. Square ($341 Mn), 2 degree ($165 Mn) and Vivotech ($96 Mn) received the largest funding.

Lets Talk Payments is working on the analysis that will provide information on the activity of Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private equity firms in the payments industry and their total and company-wise investments in various companies.

The plan is to cover all the payment startups and the funding they have received, as we go. Please read another article we wrote earlier about 9 payment technologies and 22 startups in which we covered investments as well.