14 Analytics Case Studies for Retailers

Carrefour & Esri’s ArcGIS

Carrefour Group is a world leader in distribution and retail with more than 15,000 company-operated or franchised stores. It implemented a worldwide platform for geomarketing using Esri’s ArcGIS platform together with Galigeo’s Location Intelligence software. The solution combines key business data with spatial location to improve store performance through better marketing decisions. ArcGIS, combined with solutions such as Galigeo’s, assists people with different geospatial analyses. It helps people at all levels make decisions, ranging from the store manager who needs reports to operate the store, to the expert in charge of the site selection. By representing and displaying business intelligence on maps, businesses can identify hidden trends,customer relationships and behavior, as well as enable a deeper marketing analysis and thus improve business outcomes.

JC Penny Optical & SEER Interactive

JCPenney Optical, the one-stop shop for family eyewear in JCPenney stores, wanted to increase its in-store sales and brand awareness. Working with SEER Interactive and partner U.S. Vision, the retailer focused on the digital campaign for the April 2014 Spring Collection. JCPenney ran Lightbox Ads and YouTube TrueView ads across the Google Display Network to reach a broad audience. To help boost its mobile presence, it adjusted bids to ensure that ads were prominently featured on mobile devices. Their efforts resulted in an 830 percent increase in online exposure and a 285 percent rise in conversions.

Marks & Spencer & Tibco Spotfire

Marks & Spencer started using Tibco Spotfire for better decision making with proper insights into the available data. In the dot-com side of the business, Spotfire was used ...

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