14 Expert Opinions from the Industry about Apple Pay

The internet is abuzz with news around Apple Pay. At Let’s Talk Payments, we are covering all the important current affairs on Apple Pay. We believe that the industry dialogue and opinion of various experts on Apple Pay matters a lot and hence we bring to you the following…

Here’s what they think of Apple Pay:

Marc L. Andreessen, Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz

As told to Bloomberg: What we say from our [Andreessen Horowitz’s] standpoint is that, in the long run, bitcoin is by far the most innovative and radical thing. It’s the thing that will actually have a big impact over 20 years, but Apple Pay is the thing that’s going to have a big impact in the next three years. And the combination of those two is going to cause enormous change.

Apply Pay is innovative, but in a way it's very consistent with the status quo. If anything, its big selling point is it doesn't require massive structural change. Bitcoin is truly radical, Cryptocurrency, more broadly, is a truly radical, truly revolutionary, fundamental breakthrough in computer science, completely different way to do transaction processing, potentially a replacement for a very large amount of the status quo, but has the big chicken-and-egg challenge.

Charles Scharf, Visa CEO

We’re excited about Apple Pay but for us a ...

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