14 Top-Funded WealthTech Startups in the US

About a decade ago, if you wanted help with how to manage your money better, you’d go to a certified wealth advisor. This advisor would then try to persuade you to let them manage as much of your assets as you’d be willing to commit, for growing your portfolio. However, just as one sees the relevance of physical bank branches changing, traditional wealth management is perhaps bound by the same fate. With the rise of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with increased digitization globally, consumer behavior is changing; so is the approach to wealth management and advisory.

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of a tech-based alternative to conventional wealth advisory – WealthTech which has continued to transform itself with robo-advisors, digital brokerage, and micro-investment platforms. According to research by EY, wealth managers with traditional business models are soon expected to disappear from the market. Moreove ...

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