14 Ways to Impress Your Valentine on 2/14/2015 - Part 1

There’s only 2 types of people in this world: those whose profession is related to payments and digital commerce, and those whose isn't. We love them both, and we are pretty sure you are in one of those 2 categories! So, here’s a small gift from us to you this Valentine’s Day.

If you are a payments and commerce geek, here’s 7 ways to impress someone who is not one:

  1. Buy her a box of beacons. Chocolates are for ordinary muggles, and no, we were not paid by Estimote or any of the other companies in this article to say this! Then, download an app on her phone that will recognize those beacons placed in strategic places where she lives or works (automagically), and have the app do something pleasant when she is in the vicinity of those beacons…you get the idea.
  1. Tell her how cool Apple Pay is. Then book a hotel room using Hotel Tonight or pay for a cab ride with Apple Pay. Explain to her later everything that’s super-cool about it: Tokenization, NFC, DAN, TouchID, instant digital receipts…she will be engrossed for hours! Don’t worry if you don’t know any if this jargon; LTP has it covered. Refer to our Apple Pay archive
  1. Download the Starbucks mobile payment app on his phone. Whether he’s into blond or dark (roasts, this is), he will always think of you when he earns those gold stars for every purchase.
  1. Explain to him how the world as we know it will change in October. EMV is coming! Cards with chips in them. Everywhere. Payments fraud will be history! Before you do so, make sure you browse through our archives on the topic:
  1. Buy her an iPhone 6. If she is a battery hog, then buy an iPhone 6 plus. If your boss did not give you a big raise this year, then get a fob from LoopPay. She will think of you every time she pays with a tap. Don’t bother explaining NFC vs MST.
  1. Set up a date to show him how to deposit checks using a mobile banking app. The camera in mobile phones has probably enabled the largest contribution from mobile to banking/payments since cameras were introduced to phones circa 2004.

And the most impressive of them all:

  1. Give her a gift that keeps on giving: The LTP Newsletter!. She will thank you later for helping her appreciate what you do all day…and it won’t cost you anything!

Yes, there’s 7 more ways to impress your valentine, if you are a normal person (not a payments geek). Come back to LTP tomorrow for your share of the fun.