15 Crowdfunding FinTech Startups for Socially Conscious Investors

Today, the MEDICI team was discussing the progress of the FinTech ecosystem and the impact it has delivered for the communities around the world. An interesting question that came up: why doesn’t the community talk much about FinTechs that work on charity, especially crowdfunding platforms? Why don’t we hear much about FinTech players providing socially-conscious financial services? The conversation inspired us to look at such FinTech players around the globe; we’re pleased to bring you a list of 15 crowdfunding platforms. Who knows, you might just find a cause on one of these platforms worth investing in!

  1. iDonate is a United States-based company founded in 2010. It has raised $10 million in total funding. iDonate is a provider of a donor engagement solution that connects donors with a cause. As of October 2018, it had around 700 customers, including universities, religious organizations, and museums, which bolstered its revenue by double digits.

  2. Chuffed is an Australia-based company founded in 2013. It has raised $1.1 million in total funding. is a global crowdfunding platform for socially conscious projects. It supports various community groups by running crowdfunding campaigns. It takes care of campaign basics, as well as editing, managing, and promoting the campaign.

  3. StartSomeGood is an Australia-based company founded in 2011 and has raised $400k in total funding. StartSomeGood offers crowdfunding platforms for social impact projects. It helps change-makers raise the funds they need to create tangible social good around the world. StartSomeGood works with individuals, non-profits, and for-profit social enterprises. The company gives expert advice on crowdfunding campaigns. It helps in preparing the campaign, and once the project is approved and live, the company seeks out opportunities to promote the project through its social media channels, as well as through its blog, newsletter, Twitter chats, and even its e-books to raise money. It claims to have already helped 550 projects raise almost $5 million and has made a difference in 30 countries around the globe.

  4. GiveHope is a United States-based company founded in 2017. GiveHope is a crowdfunding platform that enables users to raise money for themselves for various purposes like medical expenses, education costs, volunteer programs, youth sports, funerals & memorials, and animals & pets. GiveHope enables users to donate for a particular cause through any major credit or debit card. It offers the ‘GiveHope Guarantee’ for protecting the funds contributed by a donor.

  5. Crowdera is a United States-based company founded in 2015. Crowdera offers a cloud-based fundraising platform and a comprehensive fundraising framework for non-profits and social innovators to raise funds. It encompasses various aspects of the online fundraising ecosystem like donation buttons, cross-site donation widgets, websites (CMS), P2P campaigns, donation management, etc. The platform doesn’t charge any fee or commission from charitable organizations or individuals for creating campaigns. It also doesn’t ask for any tips from donors.

  6. Donation Road is a Denmark-based company founded in 2014. Donation Road provides an online crowdfunding platform that allows a user to publish their own app or webpage to create a campaign. The platform enables supporters to find a campaign and support it with likes, funds, or membership. It also enables a user to create his own campaign for charity. The campaign created can relate to categories like children, nature, human rights, education, medical & healthcare, environmental, homelessness, religion, elderly health & care, rescue charities, animal shelters, and corporate social responsibility.

  7. CoinFunded is a Sweden-based company founded in 2013. CoinFunded provides funding solutions to sustainable and creative projects & businesses. It allows users to create campaigns surrounding causes related to food, ecology, ethics, the environment, design, technology, social welfare, agriculture, startups, finance, film & video, clothing, gaming, photography, education, and research.

  8. Pottermate is an Australia-based company founded in 2014. The crowdfunding platform enables users to create a new project and share the cause among their friends. Users can further request their friends to promote projects and offer a reward in returns of their support.

  9. OzCrowd Crowdfunding is an Australia-based company founded in 2014. OzCrowd offers a crowdfunding platform to raise money for business, personal, or charity campaigns. The platform allows two types of campaigns: All or Nothing or Keep All (flexible funding). ‘All or Nothing’ is suitable for business or social enterprise campaigns which are creating a product. The backers are charged for their pledge only if/when the goal is met. ‘Keep All’ is suitable for donation-based or non-product-based campaigns. This option allows campaigners to keep what the campaign raises, regardless of whether the goal is met or not. The campaign can be created in many categories like animals & pets, charity, education & schools, medical, entertainment, sports, babies & family, community, holidays, memorials, other (personal), technology, weddings, adult, new business, legal, other (business), and video games.

  10. Couee Community (Couee Life) is an Australia-based company founded in 2007. Couee Life is a fundraising portal for Couee Community Limited, a registered charitable organization. Couee Community aims to improve the lives of people and communities in need or those who are disabled or experience disadvantages by providing funds to them to access services, programs, receive goods, or other benefits. Couee Life’s fundraising page accepts online donations.

  11. LawFunder is an Australia-based company. provides a crowdfunding platform which enables people who can’t afford a lawyer to crowdfund donations or investments to provide them with access to justice. The company offers a crowdfunding platform for raising donations/investments for causes related to the environment, family, human rights, injury accidents, insurance, politics, property, and trade & business.

  12. SPRNT (formerly Sportaroo) is an Australia-based company founded in 2012. SPRNT is a sports funding platform for everyone who is involved with sports, from grass-roots to professional. It provides an opportunity to raise funds needed to achieve users’ sporting goals. It offers athletes, sports teams, and associations the opportunity to raise funds through selling supporter packs (merchandise, experiences, or sponsorship) by posting a SPRNT on the platform. Each SPRNT has a funding goal and a time limit (from 1–50 days) set by the creator of that particular SPRNT.

  13. iPledg is an Australia-based company founded in 2011. iPledg is a crowdfunding platform for charitable, community, creative, and commercial projects. iPledg provides project creators with commercial, creative, charitable, and community projects with an online platform to raise money, enabling these project creators to promote their ideas, engage a fan base, and fund their passion.

  14. Talents Funding is a Norway-based company. It provides a platform to create crowdfunding projects. The projects can be created to follow one’s interest, develop talent, and celebrate achievements in sports, music, and entertainment. The company allows raising funds to attend events, as well as take music, dancing or singing lessons, get a skilled trainer or acquiring costly instruments or other equipment required to pursue an increasingly higher level.

  15. SPONSOR.ME is a Norway-based company founded in 2014. SPONSOR.ME offers a crowdfunding platform for sports-related projects. The company makes it essential to disclose to the public what the project is hoping to achieve, the purpose of the project, the people behind it, and the contributors supporting it.