15 Crowdfunding FinTech Startups for Socially Conscious Investors

Today, the MEDICI team was discussing the progress of the FinTech ecosystem and the impact it has delivered for the communities around the world. An interesting question that came up: why doesn’t the community talk much about FinTechs that work on charity, especially crowdfunding platforms? Why don’t we hear much about FinTech players providing socially-conscious financial services? The conversation inspired us to look at such FinTech players around the globe; we’re pleased to bring you a list of 15 crowdfunding platforms. Who knows, you might just find a cause on one of these platforms worth investing in!

  1. iDonate is a United States-based company founded in 2010. It has raised $10 million in total funding. iDonate is a provider of a donor engagement solution that connects donors with a cause. As of October 2018, it had around 700 customers, including universities, religious organizations, and museums, which bolstered its revenue by double digits.

  2. Chuffed is an Australia-based company founded in 2013. It has raised $1.1 million in total funding. is a global crowdfunding platform for socially conscious projects. It supports various community groups by runn ...

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