15 Cybersecurity Companies That Save Us From Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics in the FinTech space today. Recent stories of data breaches across industries that have occurred with major players have left a bad aftertaste and made users extra cautious about sharing personal information. If we previously used to automatically hit the Accept button with long lines of T&C and permissions we gave access to, now is the time to take an extra minute to actually read what you are giving away.

The global cybersecurity market will grow to an estimated $170 billion by 2020 from $77 billion in 2015 with the Asia-Pacific region quickly emerging as a major market for cybersecurity interests and North America & Europe remaining the top cybersecurity markets. In fact, the European cybersecurity market is expected to hit $35.53 billion by 2019 while the cybersecurity markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America will increase to $32.95 billion and $11.91 billion, respectively. There are various types of cyberattacks that have taken place:

In this article, let’s look at some of the players providing cybersecurity solutions:

AlienVault: AlienVault is a security visionary focused on developing a new category of unified security management and actionable threat intelligence. Their products help companies detect and deflect targeted attacks in an efficient and timely manner.

Thales E-Security: Thales e-Security is a global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years’ experience in securing the world’s most sensitive information.

Symantec Cloud Services: is a management platform that helps businesses administer, monitor and protect enterprise information resources more effectively.

Forcepoint LLC (Formerly Raytheon|Websense): Forcepoint, powered by Raytheon, safeguards users, data and networks against the most determined adversaries, from accidental or malicious insider threats to outside attackers, across the entire threat lifecycle. Forcepoint protects data everywhere – in the cloud, on the road, in the office – simplifying compliance and enabling better decision-making and more efficient remediation.

Trend Micro: Trend Micro provides security software and solutions and strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information.

Digital Defense, Inc.: Founded in 1999, Digital Defense, Inc., (DDI) is a premier provider of managed security risk assessment solutions protecting billions of dollars in assets for clients around the globe.

Nexusguard: Founded in 2008, Nexusguard is the global leader in fighting malicious Internet attacks. Nexusguard protects clients against a multitude of threats, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, to ensure uninterrupted Internet service.

Novetta: Novetta is an advanced analytics company that extracts value from the increasing volume, variety and velocity of data.

FireEye, Inc.: FireEye has invented a purpose-built, virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments worldwide against the next generation of cyberattacks.

Proofpoint: Proofpoint is the next-generation cybersecurity company that protects the way people work today.

CYBERBIT: The cybersecurity market has been going through tremendous changes recently. Exponential increase in the number of attacks and their severity has caused a drastic decrease in the relevance and effectiveness of current-generation security tools which are, by nature, signature-based. CYBERBIT confronts these challenges by protecting high-risk, high-value enterprises, critical infrastructures and governments against these advanced, signature-less threats.

Herjavec Group: Herjavec Group delivers managed security services globally supported by a state-of-the-art, PCI-compliant security operations center (SOC) operated 24/7/365 by certified security professionals. This expertise is coupled with a leadership position across a wide range of functions including compliance, risk management & incident response.

Cybera: Cybera provides simplified secure application networks to help companies achieve their business goals. Through Cybera’s managed software defined cloud and virtualization technologies, companies improve costs, delivery and safety.

Gemalto: Gemalto provides digital security, with annual revenues of €2.5 billion in 2014 and blue-chip customers in over 180 countries.

Gemalto helps people trust one another in an increasingly connected digital world. Billions of people want better lifestyles, smarter living environments, and the freedom to communicate, shop, travel, bank, entertain and work – anytime, everywhere – in ways that are enjoyable and safe. In this fast-moving mobile and digital environment, the company enables companies and administrations to offer a wide range of trusted and convenient services by securing financial transactions, mobile services, public and private clouds, e-healthcare systems, access to e-government services, the Internet and Internet-of-Things and transport ticketing systems.

Veracode: Veracode delivers a cloud-based platform for securing Web, mobile, legacy and third-party enterprise applications. By identifying critical application-layer threats before cyberattackers can find and exploit them, Veracode helps enterprises deliver innovation to market faster – without sacrificing security.