15 FinTech Startups with Great Products in the Czech Republic

It is Friday, so let’s keep it light and focus on a country that you love to spell out in front of kids: the Czech Republic – a country that most of us have heard about when we were in school for a simple reason that its spelling is tricky. Earlier, it was Czechoslovakia, which was split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And in 2016 it decided to be called “Czechia.” Without getting too distracted, let’s focus on FinTech where things are not very different. Most FinTech enthusiasts would be oblivious when asked to name a few companies from the FinTech landscape of the Czech Republic. Can you?

Hence, in the next article of the ‘less-talked about FinTech landscapes’ series, we are going to mention some interesting FinTechs players from the Czech Republic. We highlighted some FinTech players from the Czech Republic a couple of years ago, and today, we have a longer list with 15 interesting players from this geography. At a quick glance, we can observe that Czech FinTech startups are deprived of funding and stellar growth stories that can put Czech FinTech on the global map. The Czech Republic

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