15 Food Chains that are Revolutionizing their Payment Methods

Fast food chains strive to be the fastest food chain. With this in mind, many are adopting mobile payment methods. This article will evaluate 15 such examples where mobile payment has changed the way people are paying for their orders.


The popular sandwich maker collaborated with Paydiant to launch cloud based mobile wallet app. The app provides mobile payments, loyalty capabilities and special offers. Paydiant integrates mobile wallet technology into the Subway app. A smart phone user can scan a QR code at Subway’s POS to make the payment. Subway is also testing a mobile ordering app developed by ZippyYum which provides an enhanced graphic user interface and a true brand experience, so that the mobile user can see a customizable menu and link to a credit card for prepayment.


The Ohio-based burger maker has been testing mobile payment options for the past year. Now, most of its roughly 5800 U.S. locations are ready to accept mobile payments. Through its application system, the customer’s smartphone generates a 6-digit code for use by the cashier. Through mobile payment, the fast food chain aims to targe ...

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