15 Startup Accelerators Dedicated to Africa’s Entrepreneurial Talent

Africa’s startup ecosystem has been actively growing in recent years and attracting attention of large institutions and bright entrepreneurs as a highly potent market. In addition to banks and talented workforce, there are also dedicated accelerator programs easing the way for innovation into one of the largest unserved market dropped out of sight of the financial system. Let’s look at some of them.


Sw7 (Start with Seven) is the largest mentor-led tech innovation accelerator in Africa with over 85 tech founder CEOs mentoring, creating access to market & to funders. The accelerator provides regular meetups in addition to group & individual mentoring sessions. Sw7 has partnered with Microsoft BizSpark & Standard Bank Incubator to offer Sw7 Accelerate for Technology & high growth Innovation markets at Workshop17, The V&A, Waterfront, Cape Town.

Microsoft BizSpark South Africa

The BizSpark South Africa program offers startups software, support and hosting over a three-year cycle, at no cost to members. The program is designed to help startups through various stages of the product development – from the initial idea right through to an established successful product. Not only do South African startups get all the benefits of the global program, including software an ...

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