Top 17 Prepaid Cards Available in the US & Their USPs

There are a lot of prepaid cards in the market today. Consumers may get totally confused as to which would be the best option for them. We at Lets Talk Payments have profiled 22 prepaid cards in the U.S that consumers can utilize to make payments, withdraw cash, transfer money, recharge etc.

The following prepaid cards have been brought to the market by a varied set of firms - 5 Pureplay Prepaid Companies, 3 payment networks, 2 banks, 2 Internet/software and one each of - credit card, remittance, retailer, transportation and payment tech companies.

In alphabetical order:

1) Ace Hardware

Ace hardware provides a popular category of reward and gift cards. They offer both Platinum and Visa business cards. The cards offer a reward programme which allow for the rewards to be redeemed at the participating Ace Hardware outlets.

The USP's of the card are: - 1000 bonus benefits to get started - 10 bonus points for every $1 spent - 2500 points= $5 reward - Money saving coupons - Sale reminders - Instore services including UPS/Postal service, Utility payment center, small engine repair etc.

2) American Public Transit Association

American Public Transit association offers single smart cards to commuters across the USA for different modes of transport from subways to ferries.The cards allow for electronic fare collection by directly deducting the fare from the users credit/debit accounts.The cards are available as different brand names in different states of the US: E.g. the breeze card in metropolitan Atlanta, The translink card in San Fransisco, One regi ...

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