18 VC Firms To Consider If You Are A FinTech Startup Raising Money

Accel Partners

Location: California (Silicon Valley), New York, London, India (Bangalore)

Portfolio of Payment Companies: Circle, Card Spring, Gumroad, Clinkle, Lenddo, Braintree, Nomi, Yodlee

In their own words:

Accel Partners has been committed to helping exceptional entrepreneurs build lasting, category-defining technology companies since 1983. Utilizing a focused, prepared mind approach to investing, we partner with businesses that show potential for significant long-term success in specific sectors. Emphasizing synergy in our portfolio enables us to offer the advantages of a cohesive, cooperative Accel community, including access to an extensive network of past and present entrepreneurs.

Stage/Size of Investments: Accel invests in companies from their genesis to growth. Its funding rounds include seed, early stage venture and later stage venture.

Segments: The fund focuses on investing in technology companies and in areas like infrastructure, internet and consumer services, mobile, software and cloud-enabled services.

Acquiline Capital Partners

Location: New York

Portfolio of Payment Companies: Clear2Pay, BI-SAM Technologies, HedgeServ Holdings

In their own words:

Aquiline Capital Partners invests in businesses in which it can drive value and growth through strategic, operational, and financial guidance. Aquiline has the expertise and experience to identify, create, and capitalize on opportunities in various market conditions and seeks to make investments that others cannot easily duplicate. We have experience in start-up, growth capital, buyout, and turnaround investments. The financial services sector represents a large and vital segment of the world economy. The sector is characterized by cyclicality, changing and growing business and consumer demand for products and services, and constantly evolving regulation, creating a steady flow of investment opportunities.

Stage/Size of Investments: Acquiline invests in startups and has been involved in growth capital, buyouts, and turnaround investments.

Segments: The fund focuses on investing in financial services and in areas like banking and credit, FinTech, insurance services and investment management.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield

Location: California (San Francisco & Menlo Park), China (Shanghai & Beijing)

Portfolio of Paymen ...

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