PayCLT Event: Moven COO Ramy Serageldin Talks About Smart Banking, Passive Banking Apps & Financial Wellness

Apart from #KeepPounding and cheers for the Carolina Panthers, there’s more happening in the Queen City as we come closer to the Super Bowl weekend and it is FinTech. Home to the Bank of America, Charlotte’s financial district is a small but a very important one. PayCLT, a payments exclusive forum in Charlotte is trying to keep the FinTech momentum live in the city. And as LTP is based here in Charlotte, we can definitely not miss supporting initiatives taken by PayCLT in the payments industry.

PayCLT is run by a group of premiere payments and banking professionals, who aim to further the level of thought leadership in the segment by organizing meetups and events in the city throughout the year. Most events by PayCLT are held at Packard Place in Charlotte. We had kicked off our partnership with PayCLT with Part 2 of the LTP 2016 Predictions Podcast recorded and published in December 2015. The discussion included a diverse set of perspectives from leaders in the space, who shared their thoughts in segments ranging from blockchain to business payments, cardless ATMs to EMV cards, and mobile wallets to digital invoicin ...

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