2014 has seen no slowdown in prepaid card launches around the world

Prepaid cards are becoming popular with those who either don't have a bank account or have suffered some financial setbacks and are looking to get their credit rating back on track. Today many prepaid card features either match or even surpass other payment solutions.

With the aim of bridging the gaps in access to banking and traditional payment services, new prepaid cards are being launched into the market with the hope that they get enough traction to serve those deprived of such needs.

8pip Bitcoin (Singapore)

In a bid to make Bitcoin transactions simpler for the public, Singapore-based startup 8pip launched what it claims as the world’s first Bitcoin prepaid cards on 7th May. It allows customers to buy Bitcoin value. The card’s equivalent value in bitcoins can be redeemed at the CardToCoin website. These prepaid cards currently cost at least S$20 worth of bitcoins. Each card comes with a dedicated serial number and a private key for redeem purpose. 8pip also plans to allow customers to redeem bitcoins from the card via SMS commands.

KDDI au WALLET ( ...

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