2016 FinTech Predictions by LTP & Nick Holland: Abstract of Podcast

This article is based on a podcast recently recorded by LTP. We invited mobile payments guru Nick Holland to discuss what to expect in 2016 along with our Co-founder Amit Goel. LTP CEO Aditya Khurjekar moderated the special session, the first of a multi-part series, focused on predicting what we can expect in FinTech in 2016.

Here is an abstract of the discussion. Also, listen to the LTP podcast below:

Aditya Khurjekar: What should people expect in the world of blockchain in 2016?

Nick Holland: 2015 is about to go by and we have seen a massive amount of interest in the blockchain space. There are lots of investments that are going on from big major financial institutions. I think that it is partly for innovation reasons because banks clearly want to be part of this and also for intermediation reasons. ...

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