2016 Will Be Remembered as the Year When Data Privacy Was Killed

In vocal concerns over data privacy, the general public has already shaped a tradition of picking on usual suspects and condescending over constant tracking of everything possible and impossible. To be honest, those concerns are rarely exaggerated as the list of those suspects and under-the-sheets actions towards diluting personal data privacy are accelerating.

While industry standards and regulations tend to move towards greater ‘respect’ for personal privacy in response to increasing consumer disturbance over the issue, some companies, on the contrary, are accelerating their efforts in a more precise profiling and targeting of a user. Facebook has been one of the most contradictory examples, as the company dropped a bomb on the industry back in 2014 with the announcement that it will target ads based on the browsing histories of its users. Every page that a user visits, which has the Like button, sends data back to Facebook regardless of whether people ‘liked’ it or not. Given the scale of the user base, the scale of business presence and ever-expanding Facebook family apps, platform capabilities and acquired companies, the precision is about to get creepy.

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