2017 Best of FinXTech Awards for Bank/FinTech Partnerships – Application Deadline Extended

Announced mid-December, the Best of FinXTech Awards by FinXTech in partnership with the LTP Team powered by MEDICI, the ultimate FinTech platform for collaborative innovation, aims to bring together banks and FinTech companies to celebrate the collaborative innovation in the financial services industry. Via their annual Best of FinXTech Awards, FinXTech has taken a unique approach to connecting FinTech companies with mainstream US banks.

Financial institutions of all sizes and capacities have recognized the vital need for innovation adoption brought into national ecosystems by the teams of bright entrepreneurs and tech-focused innovators. Through the annual Best of FinXTech Awards, FinXTech recognizes the efforts to grow a bank through collaboration and partnerships by and between banks and FinTech companies.

With that in mind, FinXTech is showcasing three outstanding relationships that exhibit true collaboration between a FinTech company and bank through their Best of FinXTech Awards. FinXTech is looking for the BEST – those FinTech companies and banks that have come together to bring about significant growth, both financially and in terms of reputation to the financial services industry.

The Best of FinXTech Awards are designed to recognize stand-out performance based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation
  2. Growth by revenue, customers or reputation
  3. Strength of integration

To allow more companies the opportunity to participate, FinXTech has extended the deadline to submit applications to January 12, 2017.

Apply Now to become part of the change in the financial services industry!

FinXTech offers an easy application process to bring together more innovators and bank professionals. There is no entry fee and the top 10 finalists are invited to attend the FinXTech Annual Summit at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York, April 26, 2017, where the three winning case studies will be announced.

To apply, submit your case study for how your technology solution has helped a financial institution produce real quantifiable results. The deadline to receive case study nominations for the Best of FinXTech Awards is January 12, 2017.

Upon case submission, applicants are asked to explain how the collaboration between the bank and FinTech company substantially improved an existing product or service or introduced a new product or service that has engaged customers, created new revenue opportunities and/or improved the financial institution's competitiveness in the market.

Applicants are also asked to include the financial results and market or customer impact. Please note: all awards recognize collaboration between organizations – not specific individuals or just a bank/FinTech company. Please be sure to include the financial institution's full contact information so that the organizers can verify the case study results with the bank.

For reference, 2016’s Best of FinXTech Awards Winners were:

Detailed information about above mentioned companies and 6,000+ global FinTech innovators can be found on MEDICI, the industry’s definitive knowledge base, and a research partner of FinXTech.

Image source: MEDICI

If you are still considering whether it’s worth the effort, here is why you should enter:

  • There is no entry fee! The online submissions form is quick, simple and free.
  • The top 10 finalists are invited to attend the FinXTech Annual Summit during FinTech Week NYC.
  • Network with bank leaders and FinTech founders during the FinXTech Annual Summit, where innovators have the opportunity to meet and hear from today’s bank leaders and fellow FinTech executives.