Importance of ATM Testing Lab Services

For most companies, the increasing demand to test more and more sophisticated ATM functionality is countered by reduced personnel resources or reduced bandwidth. Developers are already spending more than 37% of their time debugging and fixing errors. On the other hand, the consequences of inadequate ATM testing can produce poor-quality results and can be highly visible. ATM testing solutions from Opus Consulting aim to tackle such problems for their clients.

Opus Consulting is a payment domain-focused, technology-services provider headquartered in the US. The company specializes in providing services and solutions to the retail payments industry and its solutions include applications that process millions of sub-second stock transactions; support prepaid card programs and card-less ATM withdrawals; and integrate multiple service channels including traditional, Web, mobile and kiosks for seamless processing and customer-convenient delivery.

One of the company’s major services is providing comprehensive payments-applications testing and QA services, including ATM, POS, switch testing as well as mobile and compliance/EMV testing.

The company offers:

- Functional testing covering ATM transactions, admin transactions, load files, device handle, biometric ATM transactions

- Network certification testing

- Setting up ATM test labs

Given below is one of the case studies which examines the problem and solution provided by ATM Testing lab services:

The Client

A US-based financial services firm that manages self-service kiosks and automated teller machines (ATMs); it installs and manages ATMs for banks and merchants; and provides branded ATM services and processes payments through the Postilion switch.

The Problem

The client wanted to improve their ATM testing process’ effectiveness and manage related costs.

The Solution

With its advanced, CMMi-certified facilities and payments-industry achievements, Opus met the outsourcing qualifications for the client’s ATM testing operations.

Opus established a dedicated ATM testing lab in its India development center, with 18 ATMs (Diebold, NCR) connected to the client’s customer network. Services provided include the following:

- A cross-functional team of specialists – including ATM system-test engineers and testing professionals – was created to perform end-to-end testing activities

- Support testing of various ATM devices (NCR, Diebold, Wincor, Triton, etc.) that the client services for its customers

- Ensuring connectivity of all ATM devices with the Postilion switch, the security of transactions and reliability of customer-data processing

- Third-party ATM services testing bill payments, MoneyGram transfers, financial service centers cooperative (FSCC), electronic journals, EMV testing, DCC (FOREX) testing, link-down testing, host-to-host testing

- The development and implementation of proven testing processes (i.e., test-case templates, work-allocation tracker, data-collection template for metrics reporting, and periodic ATM systems "health check" )

- ADA and voice guidance testing services, ATM graphics and screen testing, Postilion application enhancements (ACI Patches) and ATM application enhancements


By outsourcing their ATM testing operations, the client can focus on their core business: provisioning, support and operations management of quality ATM systems. Opus’ end-to-end testing, basic and advanced includes resolving – on average – 25 trouble-tickets per month. Opus has implemented standard testing templates and metrics, created a repository of reusable test cases, and developed detailed test reports and project dashboards – all of which provide the client with better visibility to the capabilities and performance of their customers' ATM systems.

*This is a sponsored article from Opus Consulting.