21 Hottest Banking Technology Companies Empowering Financial Services Industry


Accern provides the most comprehensive data coverage for the financial services industry. They capture reliable and actionable stories from the Web and deliver them in real-time via API or SaaS. Users get purpose-built analytics and visualization tools to help make critical trading decisions. The company offers three products: Alpha Stream, Alpha One and Insight Trader. Among its partners are Quantopian, NYU, Berkeley and Wharton.


Banno provides data-enriched Web and transaction marketing services and customer analysis for financial institutions. It provides and powers solutions that help financial institutions harvest behavior-driven banking data to stimulate growth and retain business. Founded in 2008, the company is valued at $6.67 million in 2015 and raised $1 million in funding.

D3 Banking

D3 Banking reduces the cost and complexity of digital banking by providing an omnichannel platform on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The company provides responsive Web design in a transactional environment to deliver a consistent user experience anytime, anywhere, on any device. The company accumulated $17 million in funding since inception in 2007. Among its partners are Payveris, Profitstars and Blackstone Group.


DemystData provides comprehensive profile and refined customer predictions to help financial institutions optimize customer interactions. Founded in 2010, the com ...

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