21 Payments and Commerce Apps for Smart Watches

Smartwatches have been designed to help users manage specific aspects of their daily needs. Payments and commerce being part of consumers’ daily activities, it’s expected that smartwatches have the robustness, and moreover the capabilities, to enable day-to-day commerce transactions by leveraging existing payments technologies. With this notion in mind, technology giants such as Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm have not only developed smartwatches with growing hardware hardware capabilities but have also embedded powerful platforms to enable developers to bring payments and commerce capabilities through applications.

Here are 21 prominent apps enabling smartwatch users to handle payments and commerce oriented requirements:

Citi Bank: The Citi Mobile Lite App launched for Apple Watch will enable Citi customers of U.S. debit and credit cards to view account balances and recent transactions, and receive real-time notifications of credit card transactions with a simple glance at their wrist.

LevelUp for Pebble: BeautifulLab has built the first wearable payment app that enables customers to "pay with their Pebble smartwatch." The app is powered by LevelUp's payment platform and featured in the Pebble appstore. Users pay with LevelUp by scanning their smartwatch at checkout.

CIBC and Scotia: Two major Canadian banks, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Bank of Nova Scotia will be launching their banking apps for Apple Watch. This will enable users to check their account balances and make payments instantly.

Moven: Moven has launched its banking app on Motorola’s Moto 360 and Samsung’s Gear smartwatches. The real-time Spending Meter in Moven informs users whether they’re spending faster or slower than usual, so they can make informed decisions before they make a purchase. An Instant Receipt with every purchase tracks their spending on similar items, so they can easily stay on top of their spending patterns.

Lydia: This French startup enables customers to pay for transactions using Apple Watch. For offline payments, customers can open the Lydia app on their watch and enter the amount, then show the QR code that appears on the watch to make payments.

Paypal: PayPal’s smartwatch app leverages fingerprint technology to authenticate transactions. The app lets shoppers check in at physical stores, save offers and check out with a ‘swipe’. PayPal app is available for iOS, Android and Pebble Smartwatches.

Westpac: Westpac is an Australian banking app launched for Apple Watch. It allows users to check the account balance and to find the nearest ATM or branch; it also provides a Get Cash code. Get Cash allows customers to withdraw cash from a Westpac ATM without a card.

Amazon: The Amazon app available for iOS and Android smart watches allows users to search products through voice commands and has a 1-click feature to make purchases.

Wallaby: Wallaby Financials, provider of mobile and web-based credit card optimization products, has launched Wallaby app for Apple Watch. This App will enable Apple Watch users to optimize credit card rewards for each purchase with a tap of the wrist.

PayByPhone app: PayByPhone allows drivers to pay for parking using the Apple Watch. It uses the Glances feature on the Apple Watch to display the remaining parking time and also allows for instant extension of time directly from the watch.

Mint: Mint, the app that helps more than 20 million registered users better understand and manage their money, is now available on the Apple Watch. The app also helps in reviewing day-to-day spending at a glance and then suggest what’s available for fun, or discretionary spending.

Target: Target is the first retailer to update its iOS app with official support for Apple Watch. The Target app will let users build a shopping list on Apple Watch and includes a Glance View to see when the store is open.

Ebay: Ebay’s smartwatch app sends notifications about outbids and auction end warnings direct-to-wrist. The device syncs with the Galaxy Note III, and pulls features and information that fit the context of the smartwatch — push notifications, bids and sale management.

CommBank app: The CommBank app for Android and iOS smart watches is on the way. Users can check their balance on the go, locate the nearest ATM and make an ATM cash withdrawal without a card, using Cardless Cash.

JC Penny: JC Penney’s Apple Watch app can quickly check the status of an online order to see the location along its journey to the customer’s doorstep. The app offers functions for both in-store and online shoppers. Users can spot the four closest JCPenney stores for an out-of-stock item and once inside the store, they can receive directions to the desired product. Items already in the shopper’s virtual basket can also be located in-store.

BNP Paribas TEB: This Turkish Bank introduced its banking app for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 SmartWatch. The app enables wearers to find ATMs and branches and to track credit card campaigns.

Optus: Optus plans to introduce a smartwatch that will allow its wearers to pay for goods via its Cash By Optus app this year. The Optus smartwatch syncs with the Cash By Optus app on any bluetooth-enabled smart device.

Lloyds Bank: Lloyds Bank mobile banking customers will receive offers on their smartwatches. The bank has a service that gives some money back to customers when they spend using their Lloyds cards, via the program known as Everyday Offers. Customers that are eligible for cashback will now be notified on their smartphone or smartwatch, if it is linked to the mobile banking account. About 1.5 million customers have downloaded the app.

Millennium Bank app: The Millennium Bank app developed in collaboration with ITSector and ebankIT, enables users to integrate the bank app with a SmartWatch. This allows users to check account balances, find the nearest ATM or branch and check FX rates. The app can be accessed by pairing the bank’s app with the smartphone.

Nationwide: The app is available via the Google Play store, and can be used on devices such as the Motorola 360. The smartwatch works in conjunction with the bank’s Android mobile banking app, allowing customers to view their account balance and set aside small amounts of money using its ‘impulse saver’ feature. Users can access the app by either speaking directly into the device, or by navigating through the smartwatch menu, while balance notifications can be sent to the watch automatically each morning.

St.George: Australian Bank, St George has launched its app, MoneyMeter Gear 2, for Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. St George Bank customers who own a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch will be able to glance at their device to check on their money, following the launch of an Android app. MoneyMeter Gear 2 allows customers to view their balance and get directions to the nearest St George ATM or branch.