21 Payments and Commerce Apps for Smart Watches

Smartwatches have been designed to help users manage specific aspects of their daily needs. Payments and commerce being part of consumers’ daily activities, it’s expected that smartwatches have the robustness, and moreover the capabilities, to enable day-to-day commerce transactions by leveraging existing payments technologies. With this notion in mind, technology giants such as Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm have not only developed smartwatches with growing hardware hardware capabilities but have also embedded powerful platforms to enable developers to bring payments and commerce capabilities through applications.

Here are 21 prominent apps enabling smartwatch users to handle payments and commerce oriented requirements:

Citi Bank: The Citi Mobile Lite App launched for Apple Watch will enable Citi customers of U.S. debit and credit cards to view account balances and recent transactions, and receive real-time notifications of credit card transactions with a simple glance at their wrist.

LevelUp for Pebble: BeautifulLab has built the first wearable payment app that enables customers to "pay with their ...

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