Thinaire Scores Another Win in Mobile Engagement: New Data-Driven Analytics Solution

As part of our ongoing coverage of FinTech and adjacent sectors, LTP has been covering the Internet of Everything (IoE or IoT) space comprehensively. In fact, despite the ecosystem-wide attention to IoE, specific consumer experience enhancing propositions are still relatively rare in the space. This announcement caught our attention today, and we were also able to speak with Thinaire CEO, Mark Goodstadt briefly, right before publishing time.

"This is one of the many innovations that consumers have seen from us via our retail and brand partners over the years, and the velocity of such announcements will increase. It truly takes a village to solve for these new seamless consumer experiences, that need a sophisticated understanding of all contributors in the complex ecosystem. We will continue to work with all our partners closely as we stay at the forefront of adoption of IoT by real users," said Mark, who was excited to share the momentum that Thinaire has enjoyed in recent months. LTP had also previously published an exclusive feature on the company's approach to context-aware innovation in ...

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