24 Companies Shaping InsuranceTech Globally


Embroker: Embroker aims to revolutionize the way businesses buy, manage and understand insurance. The company combines the service and expertise of the best-in-class brokers with an innovative technology platform. The 100% online solution allows to optimize insurance spending with policy benchmarking tools, provides a real-time interface to track & manage claims and has many other beneficial features.

Lemonade: Lemonade is a P2P, technology-first and legacy-free insurance carrier, offering a product that is instantaneous, un-conflicted and delightful. The company—which has not been launched yet—raised $13 million from Sequoia Capital, Expansion Venture Capital and Aleph.

Uvamo: Uvamo works as a marketplace where both insurance seekers and investors planning to invest in the insurance sector come together. The company leverages technology and replaces the traditional middleman, thereby providing lower premiums to policyholders and attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors. Uvamo's online data and technology allow to quickly assess the risk of the desired insurance policy and assign appropriate premiums.

Bauxy: The company enables users to file their out-of-network claims by taking a photo of their bill. No more waiting on the phone with insurance companies, asking where reimbursements are, or getting frustrated and screwed over. Bauxy doesn’t charge any hidden fees and submits the claim on the user’s behalf.

Allay: Allay enables companies to work with the broker of their choice to do online, paperless health insurance purchasing, and full HR and benefits administration. Companies can ensure compliance with local and federal employment laws, have all their benefits plans in one place, and help employees understand their benefits and self-manage their HR information—everything online.

Insureon: Insureon is an online insurance agent for small and micro-businesses. Services include professional liability, errors and omissions, general liability, business owner policy, workers' compensation, umbrella/excess liability, property, employment practices liability and cyber liability.

Crimson Informatics: The company is trying to disrupt the auto insurance market. Crimson's hardware and software gather data on a driver’s behavior, giving insurance firms data and metrics on which to base the premium.

Metromile: The startup has created a device that captures mileage data to determine how much a person should pay for their car insurance policy. Free plug-in device turns ordinary cars into smart cars. The device works with Metromile’s smartphone app (Metronome), which diagnoses the health of the car, location and offers tips to help the user with their daily commute. The company provides collision damage waiver and loss damage waiver policies for use with rental vehicles in the US. The company’s package starts from $5 a day to $93.99 per year.

Oscar: Oscar is a FinTech unicorn ($1.5 billion valuation) in the insurance space with notable investors like Google Ventures, Google Capital, Goldman Sachs, Khosla Ventures and others. Oscar aims to revolutionize insurance through data, technology and design.

PolicyGenius: The company offers highly tailored insurance checkup platform, where users can discover their coverage gaps and review solutions for their exact needs. PolicyGenius provides the only place online to shop for life, long-term disability, renters and pet insurance through its highly accurate quoting engines that offer side-by-side comparisons of tailored policies.

The Zebra: The Zebra is the nation’s largest quote comparison platform which focuses on car insurance. Car owners can anonymously compare dozens of insurance companies in real time and begin seeing estimated quotes with as little as two pieces of information. Real-time updates provide a transparent shopping experience.


Guevara: Guevara is a whole new way to think about car insurance. The service allows users to pool premiums online to save money. Unlike traditional insurance, any money left in the pool at the end of the year stays with the group and lowers everyone's price next year. Users that keep claims low can save up to 80%.

BoughtByMany: Bought By Many is a free, members-only service that helps users to find insurance for the things in life that are out of the ordinary. Members save an average of 18.6%. The company negotiates discounts directly with insurers for the clients’ unique situations.

Elliptic: Elliptic is the world’s first company to secure insurance for blockchain assets. It is also the world’s first company of a type to achieve accreditation from a Big Four audit firm, KPMG. The company offers a real-time AML protection for bitcoin.

Cuvva: Cuvva was launched in October as an iOS app that enables the user to sign up, get a quote and buy cover in less than 10 minutes. Cuvva offers a completely digital experience run from a smartphone. It is a totally new type of UK car insurance that gets users covered on a car for only as long as they need it—from a single hour to a whole day.


Friendsurance: The company has implemented the concept of online peer-to-peer insurance which combines social networks with well-established insurance companies. Customers can connect to form individual insurance networks, thereby lowering their annual insurance premiums by up to 50%.


insPeer: insPeer allows users to share insurance deductibles with their friends and family members. It allows users to select the people with whom they plan to share the deductibles.

Shift Technology: Shift Technology leverages the best of data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance and e-commerce. The solution is integrated to the company's cutting edge big data platform, and is provided in a SaaS model.

New Zealand:

PeerCover: PeerCover is the only peer-to-peer insurance provider in New Zealand. PeerCover does not involve lending money to friends & family, instead PeerCover's makes cost-sharing simple and hassle free and as a bonus users can help out peers.


Claim Di: Claim Di mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies. The drivers or car owners can download Claim Di and shake the phone near the phone of another party who also uses Claim Di. The insurance companies of both sides will issue claim reports via Claim Di application, drivers can then separate immediately without the need to wait for surveyors.


RenewBuy: The company offers the simplest way to renew car insurance in a couple of minutes, providing quotes. RenewBuy focuses on car and bike Insurance and aims to offer the lowest premiums and issue your policy instantly. The platform works in real time and provides the best available price specific for the vehicle model.


Knip: Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager that allows users an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. The app automatically detects individual insurance gaps and recommends essential insurances. Moreover, the Knip team consults on all aspects related to personal insurance policies; users can electronically change their tariffs, conclude new insurance contracts and terminate old ones.