27 Physical & Ecommerce Merchants accepting Bitcoin now, and counting

A year back, you would have been hard pressed to buy anything with Bitcoins as there were very few people that accepted the virtual currency as payment. A lot has changed since then and there are thousands of websites, car dealers, hospitals, educational institutions and merchants accepting Bitcoin. I have compiled a list of people that have got onto the Bitcoin bandwagon in online world as well as offline world.

Offline Merchants (Physical)

Subway: Back in August, a Subway outlet began offering 10% discount for customers paying in Bitcoin. This was followed by Subway outlets in Bratislava, Slovakia and Allentown.

Latin House Grill Burger & Taco Bar: Miami’s first restaurant to begin accepting Bitcoin payments. The celebrations kicked off with a happy hour this past Friday.

EVR gastro lounge: In April, EVR became the first brick and mortar location to accept Bitcoin in Manhattan. Owner Alex Likhtenstein cites the low 1% processing fee as an advantage over ...

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