28 InsuranceTech Companies That Are Shaking up the Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Industry

Health insurance is one of the most painful budget accounts for everyone. The greatest value and greatest weakness—human health is something that has built a trillion-dollar industry and the most complicated infrastructure around the world. One of the most massive and complex industries was bubbling till couple years ago when the talented tech workforce started questioning the status quo and decided to democratize insurance for those who can’t afford a basic necessity of having their health protected.

Even though lending and payments startups have been the hottest over the course of the FinTech revolution in terms of the number of companies that raised funds, we have been predicting that InsuranceTech is becoming a hot topic and sector for bright entrepreneurs to develop disruptive solutions. Investors also have been paying attention to the sector, as the insurance industry is the biggest industry in the US with net premiums of $1.1 trillion in 2014. There is already a range of InsuranceTech startups paving ...

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