3 Companies promoting the use of Facial Recognition in Payments

How convenient would it be if you could make payments off your mobile phone which detects the user through facial recognition? After Apple and now Samsung came up with fingerprint scanner for authentication, this should not really sound like sci-fi. Some of the companies that have dabble with Facial Recognition in Payments have been discussed here:


On 15th July 2013, Uniqul announced itself as the world’s first face recognition payment system that enables users to pay without credit/debit cards, smartphone or even a wallet.

We decided to take convenience to a whole new level. Imagine going in to a kiosk, picking up a newspaper at the cashier, clicking Ok on a Uniqul tablet and walking away. Imagine a day at the beach when you don’t have to think about where to store your wallet during your swims. Imagine a new form of payments, stated Uniqul. We are using military grade algorithms to make sure that the security of our system is impeccable. We have written and improved our program so that it can perform everything in the blink of an eye. We have developed an user friendly interface and made the system easy to use. All of this comes down to a user experience which consists of a user merely clicking Ok on our tablet. In the background our algorithms are processing your biometrical data to find your account in our database as you are approaching the cashier. The whole transaction will be done in less than 5 seconds – the time it usually takes you to pull out your wallet.

Customers can use all the major credit cards such as - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners club and other card providers, as well as with PayPal and Square - when registering a payment method on their Uniqul account.


In September 2013, we wrote about Paypal’s new trial project that introduced a payment system which recognizes customers by their first name and picture via a mobile application. The app provided by the company has a tab labeled Local, which on accessing allows the users to find nearby stores that accepts mobile PayPal payments. The name and photo of the customer appears on the stores PayPal app once they check into a venue online. Shoppers can then use the app to pay for items while the cashiers complete the transaction by clicking on their profile picture.

Some of the merchants chosen to work on this pilot study included Cook and Garcia, The Farmery, The Bingham hotel, Pretzel, Caffé Paolo, The Cedar Coffee Shop, The Tea Box, Urban Diner, Pier 1 Fish and Chips, Knot Café, Noble Jones and Revolution.


In July 2013, at a conference in London, Diebold unveiled their ATM that worked by connecting to smartphones with the help of QR Code or Facial Recognition technology instead of credit or debit cards. The Millennial design looks and acts like modern smartphones and tablets, with similar navigation menus and controls, reported Dailymail.

  • The Diebold ATM connects to a user's smartphone when he scans an onscreen QR code.
  • This syncs the device through a cloud-based service and is able to confirm the identity of a user without the requirement of a bank card.
  • Thereafter, the transaction screen can be seen on the mobile device and the users can select withdrawal amounts.
  • A unique one-time code is sent to the phone, which the user must enter into the ATM in order to authenticate the transaction and receive his cash.
  • Diebold's portable touchscreen ATM is Wi-Fi enabled and has a built-in camera that lets users see who is behind them while they withdraw their cash.
  • Facial Recognition could also be used as an alternative to the QR code technology.

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