31 FinTech Companies Transforming Institutional Investments and Trading

Institutional investors control a significant amount of financial assets around the world despite attempts from automated investments apps to open up the market to casual, consumer-investors. The rapid adoption of innovative technology by the startup ecosystem allowed an extensive expansion for online investment platforms, automated investment tools, robo-advisors, and various wealth management solutions. As a result, institutional investors have been empowered with tools to enhance portfolio performance, drive deeper insights from the market and portfolio data, and nowadays, are reliant on computer power for accurate forecasting and market monitoring.

Some vivid examples of financial institutions that are part of the transition from man-powered investment management to fully automated or at least AI-powered investment management are Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab and a variety of other companies we have reviewed previously. In this review, let’s focus on some interesting technology companies that are offering solutions powering institutional investments and trading.

Artivest is a new way to invest in private funds, including private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. Artivest delivers institutional-grade manager selection, featuring only funds that meet the highest standards.

Cerebellum Capital is a hedge fund management firm whose investment programs are continuously designed, executed and improved by a software system based on techniques from statistical machine ...

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