33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016


Ensygnia: Based in London, Ensygnia is the company behind the breakthrough Onescan secure mobile transaction platform and its patented process for the confidential exchange of personal and financial information. Ensygnia's Onescan means no more need to maintain and remember a plethora of usernames and passwords. The platform's authentication service allows managing and controlling one's identity and personal details simply and easily using a mobile device. By integrating loyalty programs into Onescan, retailers can link identity to payment and even encourage their customers to check-in for offers—that way they know when the customer has entered the store, rather than when they are leaving. It is also a fast, simple and secure mobile payment system. Anywhere users see the special Onescan Padlock payment code, they can simply open up their app, scan the code, and the transaction is done in around 10 seconds. The company has raised around $6.6 million till date.

Judo Payments: Judo provides secure in-app payments to leading companies globally. Judo's mobile payment solution allows businesses to make payments in apps faster, easier and more secure. Judo also provides tools to build a custom mobile payment system for third parties, making mobile credit and debit card acceptance simple and affordable. The company has raised about $14.3 million in funding.

Monese: Monese is a digital banking service that let users open a UK banking account on their mobile in minutes regardless of their citizenship. Monese is a UK-based startup that targets immigrants who experience daunting tasks in opening a UK bank account as a foreigner. The mobile banking service established by Estonian Norris Koppel lets users open a current account and get a Visa debit card in just three minutes with a snapshot of their passport and a selfie. Monese's technology is based on the cloud and removes many of the barriers that legacy banking systems impose.

Atom Bank: Atom is a startup bank. It hasn’t been launched yet, but has been authorized with restrictions by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA. As a mobile-only challenger bank, Atom will bring biom ...

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