4 Payment Solutions for Airlines

Payments industry is booming and touching every other industry. Companies are trying to launch new services and features every day to solve payment problems in various sectors. On land, many solutions are there for accepting contactless payments, but the sky's the limit. To make the customer experience of traveling by air frictionless, many companies are coming up with new services. Let us look at some of the companies making a move in this direction.

Travel Bank mWallet:

CellPoint Mobile, a global payment solutions company which enables airlines to manage and process payments and transactions, recently launched a mobile wallet solution for airlines. The service will benefit the airlines whose passengers use smartphones and mobile devices for all their travel-related expenses, transactions and records.

CellPoint Mobile’s Travel Bank mWallet is an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use wallet solution that serves as a central repository for passengers’ payment data, transactional data, and travel documents, such as boarding passes and tickets, making it easy for the billion-plus passengers who travel each year do more and buy more from their smartphones.

Apple Pay:

In February, JetBlue became the first airline to accept Apple Pay for in-flight amenities. Passengers were able to pay for food and other premium items using Apple Pay. The airline handed out iPad Minis fitted with NFC-enabled covers to around 3500 crew members to carry out the Apple Pay option. These iPads had a custom Inflight Service Assistant app installed. Using this app, crew members got quick access to flight data and passenger information.

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, have become the first global airline to support Apple Pay for the purchase of airline tickets.

Visa Checkout:

In June 2015, Virgin America became the first US airline to launch Visa Checkout, building on its innovative new website with a simple and speedy new way to process online payments. Virgin America lets customers use it to pay for tickets, baggage and upgrades at its website.

Visa Checkout replaced the online wallet Visa introduced in 2012.


On 9th June 2014, Qatar Airways announced a strategic partnership with Safaricom in order to launch a new service that allows users to pay for tickets from Qatar Airways utilizing M-PESA. The service offered greater flexibility for Qatar Airways’ passengers who can book tickets online or via the reservations office and make their payment with M-PESA.

Currently, Safaricom has a share of more than 60% of Kenya’s 33 million mobile users. Out of the 26 million mobile money users in Kenya, M-PESA has 20 million customers. The mobile money transfer business is bustling in Kenya. According to reports by Safaricom, transactions valued at 87% of Kenya’s GDP passed through M-PESA last year.