5 Coin-like Products in the Payments Space

The ever-increasing number of cards (credit, debit, prepaid) carried by an average person in her wallet is a real problem to solve. Companies like Coin offer a new kind of hardware that enables users to store all their plastic cards on a single card and manage it using the smartphone. But Coin is not the only one to launch such a card. Other players do exist in the payments space offering alternatives to Coin.

Some prominent ones are:


Wallaby Financial offers a platform that combines all the user’s existing credit cards onto one card. It then decides which of the user’s credit card accounts to route his transactions to based on where he can get cash back bonuses or the most frequent flyer miles. Wallaby says that its credit card optimization platform provides a flexible way to differentiate financial products. It’s platform can help issuers increase share of wallet and add differential value to their customer experience.

This is how the Wallaby Card works:

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