5 features expected to come to Apple Pay in 2016

As we enter the new year, many new updates and news are knocking on our doors everyday. Some are genuine but some are most likely just rumors. And what better topic to report+speculate on than Apple Pay.

Apple introduced Apple Pay on October 20, 2014. After more than a year, Apple pay is one of the most successful in-store payment systems in the world. However, that is not quite enough: it has certainly moved the needle but not as much as one would expect from Apple. Apple has done an exceptional job in making contactless payments known but this new consumer experience is still far from mainstream. Apple Pay is being called a game changer that is pushing contactless payments towards the average consumer but what is coming next is more interesting.

It is said that this year Apple Pay is planning to add more features to its service. The five features which we can expect to be added to Apple Pay are:

  1. P2P Payments: Apple Inc. is in discussions with US banks to develop a mobile-to-mobile payment service that would let users transfer money to one another from their phones, which seems to be something very similar to Venmo and PayPal.Apple’s own payments system, Apple Pay, along with other mobile payment systems has been focusing on moving customers away from their wallets, cash, checks and cards in mobile-to-merchant relationships. The new service will be entering the highly competitive space of mobile-to-mobile transactions where PayPal and Venmo have significant shares.
  2. In browser payment system: Apple already supports in-app payments. According to analysts, Apple will upgrade this capability to also support browser based payments. In-app payments has been the most impactful of the various use cases supported by Apple Pay, and in-browser payments will also be sure to please many.
  3. More apps: The number of apps supporting Apple Pay in-app payments is also increasing,now at 131 titles. In June 2015, Munster modeled 50 apps as accepting Apple Pay, which rose to 70 apps in September.
  4. More countries: After launching in the United States last October and in the United Kingdom this summer, Apple Pay is showing a gradual growth. Most recently, Apple Pay has expanded to Canada and Australia. 7 more countries? That’s currently our best guesstimate!
  5. More retailers: While just beginning to find its way into the wild wide world of the merchants’ long tail, Apple Pay will need to serve the mom-and-pop establishments very well because of the market priming that Square and other NFC enabled mPOS players have invested in for many years. Large retailers are slow to adopt, with Apple Pay having reached 98 named stores earlier last year, including 27 that have pledged forthcoming support.

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