5 Recent Developments in Beacon Technology

Nobody is talking much about beacons these days. Post Apple Pay launch, everyone is talking about the potential for NFC.

But beacon technology has the potential to work along with technologies like NFC to bring innovative solutions to marketing and shopping.

Here are some great developments in beacon technology:

Carlsberg launches NFC beer mats and beacons to 250 Danish pubs and bars:

Carlsberg started distributing beer mats containing an NFC tag and installing Bluetooth beacons at 250 pubs and bars across Denmark to support its Crowdit offers and venue discovery app.

The app allows customers to tap their smartphone to NFC mats and download the app. After that, they will be able to get special offers and updates through BLE Beacons installed in the bars and pubs.

Beacons at Heathrow Airport:

British Airways will send push notification to the fliers informing them about the gate to be approached and the designated flight, apart from other tips to help fliers around the airport.

The move makes British Airways the first Airlines in the UK to use beacons technology. This will also help retailers study and analyze customer data that will help them understand customer behavior better.

Beacons hidden inside phone booths in New York:

A Buzzfeed news post revealed that Titan, a firm that controls many of the phone booths in New York, has placed beacons in the booths in Manhattan, that can be used to track people’s movements. There was no public notice prior to these installations.

Titan sells ad space in more than 5,000 panels in phone kiosks. It installed about 500 Beacons around the area.

iBeacon in iOS 8 to get location based notifications:

In a move that indicates that Apple wants to develop its iBeacons initiatives further, the company announced last month that a new location based app recommendations feature in iOS 8 might eliminate the need for notifications to open apps. Rumors are also rife that the company might launch its own iBeacon hardware.

Over the last 14 months, firms globally have been testing their BLE beacons to interact with Apple’s iBeacon software.

Taxi App uses iBeacon to broadcast coupons:

Taxi Magic started using iBeacons and customers’ iPhones to advertise and broadcast its coupons in July this year. The latest version of its app allows users to offer their referral codes for use by others.

The notifications pop up only for those people who have downloaded the Taxi Magic app and have kept it open. They don’t need to type anything either.