Interested in making some virtual money? here are 5 ways to mine Bitcoins

There are multiple ways of mining Bitcoins. The most popular being the traditional way - In this way of mining Bitcoins, a person has to ensure that their Laptop’s or PC’s are connected to the internet and are up and running for long hours. One of our team members found out that by keeping his PC on for a week, his PC could generate only $1.5 worth of Bitcoins (i.e. $128.9 = 1 Bitcoin; as of 5th September, 2013).

If the answer is no and if you’re interested in finding out some of the non traditional ways of mining Bitcoins, we could point you to the right direction. In a non traditional approach you can earn Bitcoins through chatting in forums, to playing games and also en-cashing Bitcoins for free.


Bitcoin loyalists can earn them by spending time over chat on Coinchat. Coinchat’s advertisement revenues are split and are rewarded to its users in a range of 0.02 mBTC (milli BitCoins) to 2mBTC.

Coinchat’s business model is unique as it allows the registered users to earn while they spend time chatting with other users. This gives the users a feeling of community as the money (Bitcoins) is exchanged through tips and new money is created through revenue from advertisements. This is unlike other chat rooms where the chat room creator make money through advertising and the users are entitled to free chat.

Bitcoin Mine Field

You can earn Bitcoins by avoiding mines which is a part of the game setup on Bitcoin Mine Field. You select the amount of Bitcoins that you would like to bet before the game starts and set the difficulty level. For each safe click that avoids mines, the Bitcoin amount that you have set gets multiplied by 1.5x times. Bitcoins earned can be cashed in any time. To understand how this works. Check out the video here.

Daily Bitcoins

If you’re just fascinated with Bitcoins and would like to get some Bitcoins deposited in your wallet, Daily Bitcoins should help you with it. Users can instantly cash out Bitcoins (BTC) for free and add to their Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoins given away are part of the advertisement revenue paid out by the website. Users can cashout their free Bitcoins earnings only once every hour. Free Bitcoins given away are system generated and the value paid out is also random. Users can take a look at the prizes section to find out the value of Bitcoins given away at a certain time and log in to encash the Bitcoins. We have included a screenshot for reference.


If you like browsing the internet and get paid through Bitcoins, i.e. what BitVisitor allows you to do. It’s as easy as inserting your Bitcoin address onto their site and getting paid for browsing their advertiser’s sites for a minimum of 5 minutes.


On CoinWorker’s website, users get to work on tasks which range from simple to complicated, like taking up surveys online or submitting reports, etc. After completion of tasks points are awarded to the users. Before cashing out Bitcoins, users have to accumulate a minimum of 180 points by completing tasks. All tasks on CoinWorker are sourced from CrowdFlower a San Francisco based company which has tie ups with large corporations and startups.

Additionally if you’re interested in exploring other alternatives to earn Bitcoins, we would suggest you to visit the following pages:

Bitcoin Wiki


LTP view: The question to be asked is, is it even worth to keep your PC running that long to make little money? or to chat or to browse the internet in the hope of virtual currency. is it worth your time? Can you spend this money to buy something useful? maybe yes